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    watching the traffic from inside the tower


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    watching the traffic from inside the tower

    Post by britfrog on Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:52 pm

    Yes I know it is a bit like watching paint dry but there are a few a/c spotters out there, so there is nothing like sitting at a busy airport, watching the radar screens and the coming and going of aircraft. you can also increase frequency by increasing the amount of ai a/c fsx uses.
    it is funny to watch the amount of ai a/c that follow another ahead and have to overshoot. at some airports you can have 10 or 15 a/c overshoot and join the circuit only to create further mayhem when they rejoin the queue on final approach.
    this is how you do it, sadly I cant get it to work in SE

    From the "Multiplayer" menu choose the "Local Network(LAN)" option. Then hit the "Sign In" button.

    When the "Mutilplayer" screen comes up push the "Host a Session" button.

    This will take you to the next "Multiplayer" menu screen where you can choose "Session Type". Choose "Free Flight" and then hit the "Next" button.

    You should now be looking at the Multiplayer version of the FreeFlight setup menu.

    In the "Select Role" menu select "Air Traffic Controller".

    From that point on just setup a flight as you normally would offline. The important part is to "Save" the flight. You might want to add "Tower View" to what ever you name the flight. What ever airport you have selected under "Current Location" will be the control tower you will be watching from.

    At this point DO NOT hit the "Next" button. Instead, back all the way out to the regular non-multiplayer FreeFlight menu. Under your saved flight menu you should now have your saved control tower view flight.

    When you start that flight up you'll find yourself in a fully decked out control tower at the airport you picked.

    You can save multiple control tower views at different airports if you like.

    Once you're in the tower, turn up the AI traffic settings and enjoy. smile

    BTW Using the default FSX cockpit movement commands allows you to walk around the tower and access all of the fully functional radar/atc screens.

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