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    XP photoscenery


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    XP photoscenery

    Post by britfrog on Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:31 pm

    having spent the last week getting to grips with making photoscenery of my region so that I can make a direct comparison with the same scenery in all 3 sims that I have there is no doubt at all that x-planes portrayal of photoscenery is far better than either fsx of P3D and because of the low LOD radius in p3d it comes third out of three.
    It is as if their pixels are smaller and not blotchy , however the main difference is that both fsx and even worse p3d come into sharp focus a mile or less in front of the a/c x-plane is in focus 10 miles away.
    I have always been impressed with fsx especially if one downloaded at below 0 definition, however x plane at level 17 equals roughly 0 in fset the difference is really noticeable though, i will post some comparisons later i have also taken some videos which I may post somewhere

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