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    Some impressions of Dovetail's Flight Sim World


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    Some impressions of Dovetail's Flight Sim World Empty Some impressions of Dovetail's Flight Sim World

    Post by ddavid on Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:00 pm

    The Boss has asked for a brief review of Dovetail's Flight Sim World. I wasn't sure how to respond - review a whole 'new' sim? Well here are some thoughts after using FSW for some 20 or so weeks...

    FSW is really in alpha, not even in pre-release form. The reason I say that is because I don't really understand Dovetail's business model. Clearly, they're doing O.K. With FSX/SE - or appear to be. From that perspective, I guess they hope that FSW will be a money spinner as well. But how, I'm not sure. Let me list a few points, not necessarily in priority order:

    1. FSW is incomplete at the moment. Well, incomplete is an understatement!
       * Only 6 or so aircraft and all GA or smaller.
       * No large civilian or commercial aircraft.
       * No military or commercial jets.
       * No rotorcraft.
       * No user control over weather details as per FSX Advanced Weather.

    2. Flight dynamics are default FSX - no developments here as yet.

    3. FSW default scenery is marginally better than FSX but coastlines and mesh remain the same.

    4. Mission engine is better than FSX and Pro Mission Editor is a huge improvement.

    5. Controller interface is incomplete - little support for extra buttons, etc.

    6. Flight Planner uses a GUI but is still rather crude - VOR/NDB information not available during the flight planning dialog, so you need to find these details externally to FSW. That said, you might just as well do the flight plan with, say, Plan-G and export it to the appropriate FSW folder.

    7. FSW is more of a Game than a Sandbox. You are marked for each flight and 'fail' if you don't land at your chosen airport. Also, as with FSW missions, when you stop rolling, that's it, the flight ends and you are returned to the main dialogue screen.

    8. Dovetail have included animated passengers in FSW - only visible from the external view, but an improvement. There's also a 'Cold and Dark' automated Checklist function for the VC of most aircraft, which can be used as teaching aid for correct procedures for start-up (like the DodoSim Bell 206B). Here's a YouTube video demonstrating this feature:

    9. The Steam interface is problematic as you need to have purchased items (like DLC) via Steam and not Dovetail, or a 3rd party (i.e. Just Flight). The FSW forums are not very active - maybe 20 regular posters? Similarly, the FSW sub forums on AVSIM, Simviation, etc are quiet.

    10. Everyone is waiting for the FSW SDK to published - hopefully by the end of the year? All 3rd party development rests on this being available.

    11. What's really new?

       * The 64-bit format supports better and smoother textures. The VC's of the FSW aircraft are radically better than their FSX equivalents in terms of definition. Unfortunately, all the interior.mdl's have had to be modelled with 64-bit gauges in mind. This means that existing FSX aircraft do not have 'clickable' VC's when ported to FSW. Also, some of the FSW 64-bit gauges are incomplete with non functioning buttons, knobs, etc.

       * Externally, the textures look good on most aircraft. Again, some external animations may not be complete.

       * The TrueSKY clouds are an improvement, but there's a drawcall issue with effects similar to the FS9 prop blur in FSX.

    Some say that FSW is as good as or even better than XP - I'm not able to comment. For me, FSW has been an opportunity to get back into fixed wing flying, so that's been enjoyable, Also, the mission development kit that comes with FSW is very comprehensive, another plus for me.

    So, is it worth the effort of getting to know the vagaries of a 'new' sim? I like a challenge and FSX was getting a bit dull, so, for me, getting to know FSW was worthwhile - frustrating at times, but enjoyable most of the time.

    I can't say how you will find it. FSW is unfinished so if you install it, be prepared to learn a new GUI, be satisfied with a limited set of aircraft, don't get too frustrated by the absence of certain functions and, lastly, be patient enough to keep going until the release version is delivered.

    The above are personal reflections - I've no axe to grind. I can give more detailed insights if you want - ask away!

    Cheers - Dai. Cool

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    Some impressions of Dovetail's Flight Sim World Empty Re: Some impressions of Dovetail's Flight Sim World

    Post by G-GMDH on Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:15 pm

    Thanks very much for this David, its very interesting how other sims work out. For the time being I'm happy with what I have and looking forward to what the New Year has in store for us. Cheers Mike.

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    Some impressions of Dovetail's Flight Sim World Empty Re: Some impressions of Dovetail's Flight Sim World

    Post by Admin on Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:20 am

    Very Interesting, ! one gets some very one sided ideas of FSW because the majority of threads are written by kids with one brain cell , who cannot figure stuff out for themselves, so they flame the product without bearing in mind that it is still in open beta and a long way from being a complete product ready for release.

    However I think dovetail do need to up their rate of development as the main released competitors are much further down the road, with clients spending money to bring these products up to a level they previously enjoyed with FSX and the more time they have to invest in these products will make them less prone to considering and buying products for a new sim on the market place, regardless of how good it is.

    There is also the factor that both P3D and FSW are still based on FSX code/ dynamics which restrict them to a greater or lesser degree when compared to a freshly written program like XP or Aerofly,

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    Some impressions of Dovetail's Flight Sim World Empty Re: Some impressions of Dovetail's Flight Sim World

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