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    graphic differences between our sims



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    graphic differences between our sims

    Post by Admin on Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:35 pm

    Since starting to "play" with X plane 11 i have been blown away by the quality and sharpness of how it portrays photoscenery, yes there is still a way to go for me as I await european airfields to fly between but there is enough packaged with XP to keep one interested and there are more coming online almost on a daily basis let alone what will come with the new update.

    So I went back to the old simsfsx gold and p3dv4 and flew the same region around here using the same google scenery from fset and i was surprised at what i found.

    while neither fsx or p3dv4 produce as good photoscenery as XP  to fly around I was surprised at how poor p3dv4 was compared with fsx gold. i had always known due to their silly LOD radius  that p3d was not as sharp as fsx but in this case it is purely the sim as both fsx gold and p3d share the same hard drive

    so I have to renounce my previous statement that p3d was the kiddy  I will upload a few pics later

    the first photo is from gold check out the clarity of the small industrial complex  on the right

    then comes p3d
    same height  a few miles away from the last

    now xp and back to the industrial  site

    no image sharpening has been done , i have increased the contrast slightly in the xp pic to make the scenery a similar colour

    for the life of me i cannot understand why p3d is so bad

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