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This International Haven is for Enthusiasts of Flight Simulation, Especially those interested in creating their own photoscenery, orthoscenery, Aircraft Re-paints or Missions who are looking for a friendly, Informative clubhouse atmosphere.

    Newbies Welcome to SimHaven Please read this first!!!


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    Newbies  Welcome to SimHaven Please read this first!!! Empty Newbies Welcome to SimHaven Please read this first!!!

    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 18, 2015 3:15 pm

    Firstly Please write a short thread telling us who you are. We are from all parts of the world and it is nice to hear from new members what/who they are, we do not bite honest!!

    For those wanting to make their own photoscenery there are numerous "tutorials" available that should get you going , we normally can supply and up to date working copy of FS earth Tiles but if you get into trouble just ASK a question on the forum and someone will come back with an answer.
    some of the tutorials are located here:

    or simply type into the search  bar scenery creation
    if you need a copy of FS earth tiles simply ask , we will arrange a copy for you with the .ini file set up ready to go with the latest server settings.
    You will also need a copy of the fsx/p3d sdk which must be loaded into your p.c. the fsx version needs a couple of upgrades the LM one does not

    there are / will be  other tutorials,

    if you think you can help us , making our forum friendlier put your hand up we welcome any help!

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