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    29 palms Skiathos ver 1.5


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    29 palms Skiathos ver 1.5

    Post by britfrog on Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:57 pm

    29 palms made Southampton for Orbx and it was very good I have flown out of there a load of times and really enjoy it, a couple of years ago they produced Skiathos for fsx and early versions of p3d and hey it was pretty good , then last year I received an email informing me that they were re-visiting Skiathos to bring it up to date and to work in p3dv4. I was interested as the fsx version was nice and the p3dv4 update was free,,, drink up!!
    well here is the terminal much the same as it was last time around

    so i took off and flew over the island what are those hideous white structures?

    I continued onto the town and it was inhabited by loads of white horribleness Argh!!

    I then turned to land and found thes ships on short final, at least I think they are supposed to be ships , oh dear!!

    leaving the island low level i looked up and does the sea appear to be higher than the island in the distance yet lower than the land on the right???

    the one fact of this "update" is the further from the island one flew the better it looked !! hey guys you do not even get a cigar for this effort!!

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