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    Organisation is important



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    Organisation is important

    Post by Admin on Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:17 pm

    as the title says it is very important to organise especially your scenery files before they grow out of all proportion and take over multiple locations on more than one drive,

    when i used FSX i had downloaded a huge quantity of photoscenery files over quite a few years but from the word go i kept them all in one location. on a specific drive which fsx gold could access

    when i moved onto the steam edition for whatever reason it would not allow me to access scenery files on another drive they had to be on the steam drive but it was not a big issue , i simply put the steam edition on the 2 tb drive where the scenery files were job done!

    Being a recent convert to X Plane I had to install it on a smaller 1 tb drive however after taking loads of photos and adding on a few add-ons the nomianl x plane folder had expanded 10 fold to take up much of the drive, it eas about this time that I realised that windows 10 was not for me and XP was on the 10 drive so it was all change again, luckily there was enough room on a windows 7 drive for the basic xp program and now the win 10 drive is the location of only scenery files, which are also backed up just in case win 10 crashes.

    all of this could have been avoided if at the beginning I had a clear sense of where i was going with XP instead it has taken about 3 days of housekeeping to get everything where it should be ----- for now

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