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    Flightgear worth a look?


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    Flightgear worth a look? Empty Flightgear worth a look?

    Post by Admin on Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:18 am

    I have had a quick impromptu look at this sim that is open source and I have to say it has quite a bit going for it. It surprised me it does easily many functions that the big 3 cannot for whatever reason, yes the models are a bit simple and the visuals , for want of a better phrase , a bit amateur, but the flight dynamics are quite good and the customisation very impressive.
    My first impression was that it was quite amateur, but the more that you played with it and "got into it" the more you appreciated just how much work has gone into it to get it where it is, if only a few top devs would come onboard and make the visuals more professional, as the hard ground work has been done.

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