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    A close look at ORBX Barton (Manchester City)


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    A close look at ORBX Barton (Manchester City)

    Post by jaydor on Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:43 pm

    This is the first UK airport to be released in the new ORBX X-Plane 11 range of scenery titles.  It has long been wanted that a major FSX player turned it's eye towards X-Plane, as most FSX simmers have been
    graduating to XP rather than upgrading to P3D, as it was the first to offer a 64bit system.  I realize that most ORBX forum members are with P3D, but that does not stop you from having a look see at XP.  

    I went the XP route instead of P3D and have not looked back.  So I along with most of the XP community are pleased that ORBX have decided to produce items for XP community also.  

    So without further lets have a close look at ORBX latest UK offering Barton EGCB.

    Barton EGCB also known as Manchester city Airport is a grass GA aerodrome along with Manchester Heliport.

    My aircraft today has been relocated to Barton from Cardiff.  We pick up G-ZIVA on the grass parking area near the tower.

    G-ZIVA is a type Cessna 172 in blue and white with checked ribbon adornments.  A download link will be added to the footnotes.

    After final checks and clearence for touch and go circuits, we take off from 26L

    Now we will have a close look at the surrounding scenery that comes with Barton:

    Manchester City Heliport:

    The Manchester Ski Center:

    The Bell Stadium:


    Remember in X-Plane if you are out and about on the main roads.  Keep a check on your speed as The Police are very active on the highways.

    Now we will have a look at approach to runway 02 at different lighting levels:

    Bright Day:



    ORBX have made a brilliant debut in the European arena and Barton has excelled in being a First Class rendition of a UK airport.

    Barton has been a good choice to start off for the XP community.  Well done and thank you ORBX...

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    Re: A close look at ORBX Barton (Manchester City)

    Post by britfrog on Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:06 pm

    First l am glad to see that JV has buried the hatchet ,it became obvious he had to as XP is far too important to ignore and Orbx had far too much to lose, Meigs was an OK starter but this is the first "real" Orbx product released and it is very good. Having already scouted the area using photoscenery and simheaven autogen I have to say this is way better well done orbx!!

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