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    Aerofly FS2 now with Vulkan !!


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    Aerofly FS2 now with Vulkan !!

    Post by britfrog on Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:26 am

    Aerofly FS2 has released a major update in which they have launched Vulkan graphics

    Today Ipacs released a major update to the Aerofly FS2 Flight simulator that will open the door for even further growth and the release of even larger scenerys with yet higher FPS. Included in the update are major additions to aircraft functionality:

    Greetings Flight Sim Enthusiasts,

    After a lot of hard work our next big update is preparing to land, gears down and cleared to land!

    This update will not only include a completely rebuilt graphics engine that will provide you with better performance with the standard OpenGL rendering engine but we now introduce the all new 'beta' Vulkan rendering engine that can yield even more performance. We have also included a new 'High AA' setting that can be enabled only with the Vulkan renderer at this time. This new graphical setting can provide you with an even crisper image than before. Please remember that the Vulkan renderer is beta and will be improved as we move forward.

    This new update not only improved what's under the hood but we have also made a lot of improvements to the Aerofly FS 2 aircraft fleet. We have also listened to community requests and have made some changes to reflect those requests as well. For a complete changelog visit our WIKI

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