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    Reshade or not?


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    Reshade or not?  Empty Reshade or not?

    Post by Admin on Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:41 pm

    Personally I have had big problems with installing reshade and even bigger problems uninstalling it and several other similar products, so to get rid of the bleached out colours and haze in XP i just change the monitor settings in nvidea control panel to suit where i am, so i modify , the brightness, contrast, gamma, and digital vibrance and the following is what one can achieve

    first the standard xp

    Reshade or not?  I9W0Fd0

    then with the contrast modded

    Reshade or not?  DDbizkk

    then with gamma modded

    Reshade or not?  4JaHKT0

    and finally with digital vibrance changed

    Reshade or not?  P2EVjov

    so it is easy to do on the fly and no worries about buggy programs

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