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    Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018


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    Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018 Empty Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018

    Post by ddavid on Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:56 pm

    Thought you'd like a vicarious trip to this year's Sim Show at Cosford...

    Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018 OUprFMj

    Well, the great day had arrived, the Tom-Tom was loaded with the WorldPosition of RAF Cosford, and we were off ...

    Ninety minutes later, Pam dropped me off in the museum's car-park and I began the search for my first objective. Strangely, not that, although the activity followed pretty soon after, no, I needed a dose of tannine, which I obtained from the Re-fuelling Point in the main museum building. This, as you will know, is the very large ridge-tent-like building with a ceiling full of suspended veterans of past conflicts, much like the ceiling of my bedroom when I was growing up. There was the trusty Dakota circling above the majestic York, both used in the Berlin Air Lift. Above them, pointing vertically upwards, was a Lightning, and, on the ground a beast called a Sea Stallion.

    Dragging myself away from these attractions, I approached the Sim Show entrance, clutching my pre-purchased ticket and anticipating my Goodie Bag. Inside the bag was a recent copy of PC Pilot, a Mouse Mat from Orbx, a £50 Off Voucher from ChillBlast, should I be tempted to take away, sorry, purchase, one of their PC's or LapTops, a Raffle Ticket from FSElite, and a Free Download Voucher from Just Flight - quite an acceptable bundle, I thought...

    Nipping up the stairs to the mezzanine walkway, I scanned the Sim Show area to get a first impression of layout and visitor numbers. Although it didn't look as crowded as previous years, the number of exhibitors looked about the same. Back on the ground, I started to weave my way through the crowds and look at individual 'stalls' - it was a bit like a market, after all.
    Beneath the DeHavilland Comet's port wing, I found ChillBlast, who were demonstrating, inter alia, the very sameOculus VR Headset from 2 years ago, alongside the very same XBox (or maybe PS-2) controller which had completely confounded me when I had tried it then. I asked Alec, from ChillBlast when they anticipated a new VR version and was told: "A couple of months, maybe". Play fair, that was an honest answer, so watch this space...

    Just Flight were discounting some of their most recently announced products, and the Mark 1 Lanc from Aeroplane Heaven looked a possibility at £20, but I had had so much fun flying the great FS9 Lanc Pack, knocking down damses and sinking Tirpitzes (well, cap-sizing the b*gg*rs, anyway), that I gave it a miss.

    Next door, Aerosoft's stand was doing a roaring trade - they had brought over several of their German experts, who were explaining the minutiae of various airport sceneries. And I was struck by the potential awkwardness of Just Flight's most recent offering - but, no matter...

    Then, I had to stop and re-evaluate what I saw on the Skylarki Electronics stand. Was it really a complete A320 Flight Deck? Yes it was, said the nice lady. "And how much was this eighth wonder of the modern world?" - "Just £30,000" she answered, without turning a hair. I begged a pamphlet and promptly left her company...

    Let me run through some of the rest of the exhibitors before revealing the Mother Lode:

    ProjectFly - a sort of VATSIM plus Air Hauler combo VA which looked very comprehensive and user friendly. Free membership - fly where you want or emulate your favourite airline's exact routes - ProjectFly gives you aircraft and flight plan options and logs your activity alongside about 2,000 plus other members.

    PilotPlus - a small group of young enthusiasts building airport scenery for X-Plane.

    RC-Simulations were between the old grey Fergie and the Series 2A Land Rover - you can't keep a god man down and Bob Sidwick was there, as ever, with his incredible hydraulic platform and flight controls. Bob was the only exhibitor to have any helicopter controls and his was the only stand for rotorheads. No change there, then!

    Before coming to the promised main attraction, I can tell you that I met 2 old buddies from my Hangar days: Brian 'Needles' and Joe 'Mutley'. They were pleased to see me and asked to be remembered to James and Mike. The meeting was necessarily brief as they were just going in to Orbx's presentation of England TrueEarth for X-Plane.

    Being mindful of this new photo-scenery from Orbx, I stopped at the Orbx stand to find myself reading the name tag of Bill Womack. "Not the Bill Womack?", I asked. "Why not?", Bill replied. So I asked about the new product and he pointed to nearby monitor. "Every building is there, care of OSM." And it looked like it, too! I asked Bill if it was the right time to emigrate from FSX? "Without a doubt", he answered, "unless you'd prefer P3D." I said I had ethical problems with Lockheed and he said that X-Plane was probably his preferred route, too, which settles that problem.

    Another cup of tea and the drive home ended a good day. O.K., the Cosford Show isn't big, but it's friendly and very informative. Plus you have the RAF Museum alongside it for additional enjoyment.

    And, did I mention the tea?

    Cheers - Dai. Cool

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    Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018 Empty Re: Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018

    Post by G-GMDH on Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:16 am

    Thanks David that was a very informative walk around the show. Cheers Mike.

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    Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018 Empty Re: Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018

    Post by Admin on Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:06 pm

    Thanks for the Review David, I must try to get there one year, but the thought of coming back to the UK sadly becomes less and less enticing , unless it is to Wales.
    they have a York there? that was the first plane i flew in aged 2 months!! After that it was daks, doves Marathons and B170 freighters in pretty much that order
    I am glad to see that project fly was easy to suss, being the original thicko I have tried to get it to work twice, then rattled off a few emails which Matt gruffly answered treating me much as the thicko that I am  so it went into the bin, having been nagged at for 30 odd years by ATC it didnt really appeal anyway Smile  Vatsim works fine on the odd occasion that i want to make a fool of myself.
    I have Gatwick produced by pilot plus, it is , I hate to say it, better than UK2000's version however it is heavier on FPS, but a team worth keeping an eye on,
    However there is no doubt the news of the moment is the much vaunted pending release of The south of the UK orbx it really does look good, i have done some comparisons with my photoscenery, and the scenery that I have been quite pleased with just gets pissed all over by trueearth, they have certainly improved it since the Holland release
    I didnt expect Joe to wish me well despite the fact that we allow him to be a member of our site and allow him to comment ,  He and his cronies havent moved on from FSX . or moved on at all, he persistently copies our sites innovations which is flattering, however The lack of XP on the hangar speaks volumes.

    Just a P.S. I do not know how many visited the show and yes it does look quiet, but the hugely advertised , not to be missed recent las vegas show only had 1,100 visitors

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    Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018 Empty Re: Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018

    Post by provocateur on Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:05 pm

    It was great bumping into you at the show Dai and I really enjoyed our very brief chat, sorry to hear the log chopping has caused so many injury's but at least you were running under your own steam! We never got into the Orbx lecture, apparently the auditorium was full half an hour before the start. I did look for you knowing you would never turn down a cup of tea but lost track of you. I'm pleased you enjoyed your self.

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    Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018 Empty Re: Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018

    Post by ddavid on Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:25 pm

    Hi Mr P. - yes, good to see you and Bri' in the flesh, as it were. Pity you missed the Orbx talk - I went back to the York to have another cuppa, so just missed you, I guess. I enjoyed the show - met some interesting dev's  and it was really cool to shake Bill Womack's hand...

    Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018 HgguOl5

    ... and that's Bob Sidwick on the right - quite a snap, eh?

    Take it easy - Dai. Cool

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    Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018 Empty Re: Cosford Flight Sim Show 2018

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