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    Joysticks last forever, nearly


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    Joysticks last forever, nearly Empty Joysticks last forever, nearly

    Post by Admin on Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:03 pm

    for the last ten years (if not more) I have used a thrustmaster T flight stick x  and it has been superb, it has been dropped off the desk onto a tiled floor more times than i care to think and it has always gone back together again, however in recent months I have noticed that the top hat switch wasnt working as well as it used to , and if you followed the C172 looking from behind the elevators were flapping up and down  rapidly, so something was not right. So Yesterday we went down to Perpignan to the large supermarket there and it had its annual after xmas sales , so went mooching around the computer stuff, as I always find something worth buying, and almost immediately my eyes fell on a new thrustmaster joystick exactly the same as what i had at home so grabbed it , it was 50% off the normal price, so ended up paying 20 euros !! result!! they did have another more fancy thrustmaster joystick (the 3d ) maybe i will go back for that in 10 years Smile
    I then found a really nice 10" tablet which swnbo fancied , a snip at 49 euos !!  I should have bought 2 at that price and had one for my FMC but being a good member of the faith I resisted the temptation

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