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    lovelty flight in the pyrenees


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    lovelty flight in the pyrenees

    Post by britfrog on Sat Oct 31, 2015 12:21 pm

    I wont bore you with pics but Thanks to Jaydor just had a great flight from Perpignan (LFMP) to St Girons (LFCG) and then onto Bagneres (LFCB) which was really fun finding in a valley, then onto Peyresourde (LFIP) which makes Courchevel look like a walk in the park , this looks like trying to land on an aircraft carrier and the slope is reallllly steep!!  I then went past the pic de midi and onto Pau.
    I used france vfr for the photoscenery which is quite superb , no it is breathtaking, and Occitania for the rest as they have made all the airports in a very realistic manner and Pau was top class as well as many touristy things like the buildings on the pic de midi (9422 feet)
    A flight I can recommend as finding the airports isnt easy.

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    Re: lovelty flight in the pyrenees

    Post by jaydor on Sat Oct 31, 2015 2:04 pm

    The thing I love about France Italy and Spain is the amount of spectacular scenery to be able to fly over.

    What with Occitania for France and Airhispania for Spain addons.  Sim flying has become a far better prospect..

    Now that the winter nights are around the corner, I will concentrate on getting a simhaven host on FSX-Steam up and running.  Then we can all get together on multiplayer..

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