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    Making a new airfield for FSX part 1 of 2



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    Making a new airfield for FSX part 1 of 2

    Post by Admin on Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:25 pm

    Making a new airfield for FSX flight simulator
    Part 1 of 2
    Let me first point out that I am not an expert in making airfields and the very limited knowledge that I do have has come from trial and error, burning the mid-night oil and drinking lots of tea, very British.
    No I didnt RTFM.
    Thank you to all of those hard working people who have given us the FREE software and web sites listed below.
    This is the way I do it, there may be other ways, please read on....
    What you will need in the way of software and web sites...
    1. FS Earth Tiles (I also use this to make photo real scenery) If you need a working copy PM with your email.
    2. Airport Design Editor, ADE 165 you can download this from here....
    3. Altitude calculator using this web site.......
    4. Decimal converter for Lat and Long using this web site.....
    Before you use the Airport Design Editor ADE 165 you need the following.....
    1. A satellite image of your proposed airfield.
    2. The Lat and Long of the centre of the aifield and the top left hand corner (NW) and bottom right hand corner (SE) of the satellite image.
    3. The altitude of the airfield.
    So lets start with the satellite image. You will need to be connected to the internet.
    Open up FS Earth Tiles.
    Using the zoom button over on the right hand side click out to 12.

    Over on the left hand side is the down load resolution which defaults to 1, leave this un changed. Please see image below.
    Also over on the left hand side set the following.....
    Earth Service = Bing or GE
    Scen Compiler = FSX
    Area Snap = OFF
    Creat Masks = NO
    Comp. Scenery = NO
    Use Cache = NO

    Your ready now to move the satellite image map to your desired airfield location. When you have found the airfield location you can then zoom to 1 to get a close up view. With the blue DRAW button mark around the area of your airfield and then PRESS the green START button. Your tiles will start down loading. On completion select the 2 points (this can be found in the blue shaded area called Area Def. Mode:) and the Lat and Long these are the top left (NW) and bottom right hand (SE) corners of the satellite image. Also change the 2 Points button to 1 Point and note the Lat and Long, this is your centre of your airfield. Please see image below.

    You now need to convert the Lat and Long into decimal figures no problem because the convertion web site listed in the introduction will do this for you.
    Then go to your C drive look for FSET and in the WORK folder you will see the BMP image of your airfield.
    So hopefully at this stage you now have a satellite image of your new airfield, its altitude in metres, the centre Lat and Long and the corners Lat and Long in decimal.
    Now we can start to build the airfield using ADE 165 in part 2.

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