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    Microlight Flying


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    Microlight Flying

    Post by G-GMDH on Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:01 pm

    Available from Rikoooo this microlight gives very good visibility for flying over your photo real scenery.


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    Re: Microlight Flying

    Post by britfrog on Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:46 pm

    I remember the first time i saw one of these "contraptions" it was about 30 maybe 31 years ago, (microlights were unheard of back then, in fact the term had not even been created, they were called something else) i was standing in my garden near Farnborough when one of these flew over at about 300 feet making one hell of a din. The motor was clearly a two stroke with either an expansion chamber or open exhaust, that must have been purloined from a lawn mower or something similar as it sounded lke it was doing a zillion rpm which propelled the craft along at all of 35 mph. It was quite clear that the craft so so underpowered that the moment he throttled back it started to descend and a few seconds later he landed in my local school ground (it was a Sunday).
    Well over the following few weeks this object was seen on a number of occasions in the area, you always heard it about half an hour before you saw it!!
    one day curiosity got the better of me and i followed the din to my local school where i was able to examine the craft as he dismantled it. How the thing stuck together , let alone flew was beyond my comprehension , the phrase chewing gum and baling wire come to mind. Yet he must have had big balls because there was no way i would have tried to fly it, it had all the flying qualities of a home sick brick, its climb performance was so poor it relied on the curvature of the earth to clear the trees in the distance.

    Well as inevitably happens someone reported him to old bill, and he was caught landing in another school ground and lead away in chains.

    From what I read in the papers and heard from flying friends who knew the geyser the court case was a farce, the miscreant was well known to the police for being a very dodgy car dealer, which immediately put him under suspicion , however the CAA could not touch him as they had no laws to stop an individual building a home made ultra light aircraft and flying it! the pilot had no licence and had never passed any exams, because they didnt exist for this class of a/c, back then, microlights had only just started in the US . So all they could do was confiscate his a/c for creating a nuisance and endangering the public for using an airfield with the owners permission.
    It didnt take the brain of britain to guess his next step, he went to the US and bought a microlight with a proper engine, whilst the CAA were still pondering the class of aircraft, and he flew this for 2 years more before finally coming a cropper with the CAA who by then had created regulations , which he refused to adhere to, his reasoning was he didnt require a licence when he started as did none of the original pilots like cobham or the wrights and like them he was a trailblazer so should also be given a licence as recognition of his bravery and safety. I dont think that went down too well , but he never flew again , and was last seen uttering dark oaths about the CAA from where he sold dodgy cars.

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