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    Rex Simulations, credit where credit is due


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    Rex Simulations, credit where credit is due

    Post by britfrog on Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:49 am

    As some of you know I have had a very unfortunate episode of having my 3tb backup destroyed plus losing 2 hard drives through corruption that originated from windows 10. As luck would have it I did have a second backup , but it had not been updated for maybe 6 months, so I have lost a huge amount of recent work including my photoscenery. In the course of resurrecting my fsxse drive I realised that although i had about 6 years of various REX backups, I had no idea of which one was the first or what the sequence was to get from REX 2 to rex essentials with overdrive let alone REX 4 Textures, and I could see just getting this installed was going to be at least a 2 day affair. So an email for help was sent to REX as I have had previous experience of their great after sales service. And Reed Stough answered me by sending me a direct link to their server so that I could download the latest versions of these products without having to spend 2 days doing the update route. As of now with family arriving for xmas, all i have been able to do is download the progs, but I feel a big thank you is due to Reed and the guys at REX. If you havent got it I have to say when they released Soft clouds I was a bit dubious, but having flown with it there is no doubt it makes the low level clouds massively more realistic. I would show you some pics but they went west with the hard drive corruption, so now I have to wait to the new year before I can fully resurrect my fsxse, however i do still have FSX in vfr and IFR config if I need a quick dose of sanity over the next 10 days.

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