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    My Multiplayer host server is officially U/S


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    My Multiplayer host server is officially U/S

    Post by britfrog on Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:11 am

    Well I have spent more than a week puzzling this out and having spent most of yesterday with Mike trying to find a solution I think I have to accept that there is a bug in my fsxse . I can join sessions hosted by others but cannot host myself, despite checking and rechecking router settings and network settings (which had not changed) reading between the lines on the dovetail/steam sites this requires a re-installation , which aint going to happen , having spent the last 3 months getting my sim back to how it was before the last crash before xmas. I will tinker away a bit more to see if I can resurrect the host server but am rapidly running out of Ideas.

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