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    masses of new software coming what to do?


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    masses of new software coming what to do?

    Post by britfrog on Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:56 pm

    This year promises to be very complicated, there is a mass of new developers coming on line, producing airports at an alarming rate, some of the old stalwarts do produce some top drawer stuff but it is very hit or miss with the new boys on the block.
    A typical example was the IDS Nassau through aerosoft (because i used to live there and learnt to fly there) so i awaited the release with baited breath especially after i had seen an early development video which looked very promising indeed, it was due to replace the quite aged (FS9) version that I had used for years, Well all I can say is it didnt live up to my expectations , yes it was better than the fs9 version but not by a lot to be honest. It certainly wasn't what was promised IMHO.
    If only devs did "try before you buy" as Just flight has started to do, this would soon sort out the weeds from the chaff.
    So do we now make the plunge to P3D or do we now wait for the DTG new sim due later this year? if we go P3D you may have to buy new licences as not all devs give the p3d away to existing fsx owners, and then at the end of this year if the DTG sim is 64 bit as hinted then we shall all be buying it all again. Personally I think P3D will pull the plug on all non pro's by raising their fees to a level only the wealthy "hobbyist" will buy , time will tell, however if DTG uses the reality games engine as threatened, this also may not be worth getting as the flight dynamics are worse than fsx.
    Personally I am staying with fsx I have P3D 3.2 (to play around with) and to be honest it is only slightly better than fsx in some areas and much worse in others if you use photoscenery there is no doubt that P3D doesnt produce as crisp an image as FSX, but the images do appear to have more depth if made for P3D , and of course there are cloud shadows which are neat but the only tangible improvement over FSX that I can see.
    So what are your thoughts?

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