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    A new DC8 in the pipeline


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    A new DC8 in the pipeline Empty A new DC8 in the pipeline

    Post by Admin on Thu May 26, 2016 9:50 am

    There is a new DC8 being created , Now I love a DC8 it looked that bit meaner than a 707, and I flew in quite a few across the Atlantic in my youth mostly the stretched versions , which flexed quite a lot in turbulent weather. I well remember sitting in the rear seats (to chat up the staff) and watching the cockpit door moving up and down a foot or two as the plane flexed.
    The DC8 always appealed to me because it was still a "stick and rudder" a/c, all the control surfaces were cable operated not servo operated which gave me some comfort.
    This a/c seems to be created by one guy that lives near vancouver and seems to be a solo effort that has taken 4 0r 5 years so hats off to him, it will be payware when released but I cant fault that as he has committed a lot of time to this project.
    here are a few pics
    A new DC8 in the pipeline 23065060173_8e7f61871c_o
    A new DC8 in the pipeline 27102254236_a8a0833086_o

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