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    Aoste to Mt Blanc



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    Aoste to Mt Blanc

    Post by Admin on Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:11 pm

    Well G-MDH and i had a challenging flight tonight , mikes initial a/c just could not get high enough , so he changed for a 172 and quite some while later with a lot of flying on the edge of the seat we managed to coax our a/c high enough to get over the saddlle of the lower slopes at over 12000 feet . we had to lean out the engines so they produced enough power to still climb, very realistic, manifold pressue was at the bottom of the greens and my a/c just would not climg any more. This was coffin corner ! 5 knots less speed and the a/c fell ,out of the sky and we didnt have enough height to recover before hitting the mountain, so small banks and gentle changes of direction were the order of the day, but the scenery was amazing and so worthwhile.
    approaching the saddle

    here you can see mike scrabbling over the col/saddle 1500 feet below

    very realistic flying on the edge of ones seat!! thanks Mike


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    Re: Aoste to Mt Blanc

    Post by G-GMDH on Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:24 am

    My home made FSET VE images not as good as Nigel's scenery but the flying experience was incredible............................

    I take a right turn to follow the valley, Nigel is 2.4 NM at 7 o'clock................

    I'm biting my finger nails at this point as I just make it over the saddle................

    Made it and Nigel is still at 14,000+ ................

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    Re: Aoste to Mt Blanc

    Post by jaydor on Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:59 am

    Scary pairy shots. Great scenery though..

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    Re: Aoste to Mt Blanc

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