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    I am finding it hard to remember how to fly more than 2 complex a/c


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    I am finding it hard to remember how to fly more than 2 complex a/c

    Post by britfrog on Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:55 am

    As we get more and more large , complex, "study" aircraft, I am having trouble remembering all their small differences from one to another.
    And this is exactly why in the real world you are only allowed to have 2 active type ratings. If you are cleared to fly a 737 and an airbus , but then need to fly something else, you have to let go one of the other two because it is deemed that you cannot keep up to date with any level of proficiency.
    The smaller (less than 12 tons) are not a real problem
    So I am having to concentrate on 2 aircraft I tried to learn the PMDG 777 but that is so different my feeble brain could not retain enough info to enable me to fly it correctly, so for the moment the airbus and NGX will have to keep me happy.
    It is possible that either the up and coming pmdg 747 or aerosoft 330 may turn my head, , time will tell in which case like in the real world one of the others will have to be parked in the hangar.
    Thank Goodness we dont have to have regular sim checks or medicals Smile

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    Re: I am finding it hard to remember how to fly more than 2 complex a/c

    Post by jaydor on Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:39 pm

    I don't grow old, just wise. But you are right, as I am learning the Airbus and Carenados Phenom 300 with the GTN750. But blowed if I can remember my name?

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