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    Worst release this year


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    Worst release this year

    Post by jaydor on Mon Aug 29, 2016 2:59 pm

    IRIS Simulations Pilatus PC-24

    As is, cannot recommend!

    FMC, MDF CAS ??
    Flight Plans: Not working
    Ranges do not work.
    No Map
    99% soft keys do not work
    No Checklists.
    No Terrain
    No Weather
    No TCAS
    No Systems Info, NONE
    Mouse scroll does not work on most knobs.
    No navigraph (FSX) system only
    Very poor graphics.

    Final thought = Rubbish

    Way over priced for a toy..

    Copied from Avsim..

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    Re: Worst release this year

    Post by britfrog on Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:51 pm

    must admit the graphics i have seen didnt appear all that, i wonder if all this is true or written by a troll? still another new release to monitor ,

    it seems incredible to me the quantity of stiuff that is being released at the moment some people seem to have bottomless wallets

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