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    scenery creation the pro way



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    scenery creation the pro way

    Post by Admin on Mon Sep 12, 2016 12:17 pm

    a while ago I asked one of the devs that I do beta work for , what progs he used, this is his answer:

    "Cinema 4D is the modelling program, used to create the buildings and map the textures, for that I use 3D Studio Max, however this is a very different process from making the photoreal. For that, there are a number of options and SbuilderX is one, a number of bespoke programs have been coded for this, Orbx use their own in the past. However, when creating a scenery for sale, I purchase the photoreal scenery coverage from a provider, which in my case is MapMart, I specify the coverage area, resolution, and projection characteristics, then pay them and they provide the download to a Geo spatially corrected TIFF image, which I run through a compilation process using datum information stored in an accompanying .tfw file, this then spits out the BGL for use in the sim. I then use photoshop to edit the TIFF to clean the image and create the different seasons etc, recompiling after each edit. 
    To create a scenery from scratch requires the use of a mass of programs, I use the following:
    3D Studio Max - to create all models and map textures
    Photoshop - for creating textures and editing photoreal
    ADE - for editing the APX
    DXTbmp - for compiling textures into flight sim format
    BGLcomp - for compiling exported model X files into MDL files 
    Library Creator - for compiling all the MDL files into a library BGL
    BGLtoXML - to de-compile placement BGL's into multiple placement xml templates
    TMFViewer - to view compiled photoreal bgl's in correct aspect, if aspect differs from source TIFF
    Visual Studio - to write all the code for the desktop control panel interface
    Instant Scenery - to place all my newly created library content in the sim
    BGLset - to group edit the sim characteristics of library content placed with Instant Scenery 
    GeoTiffToINF - to process the TFW info an inf file for compiling of the photoreal with the resample tool
    Resample - to compile the photoreal bgl from the inf created with GeoTiffToINF
    It's a huge undertaking to make scenery from scratch, by that I mean not using any FSX library objects but making every bit of content from scratch, which requires all of the above programs. If you have any problems with any of the above, i'll be able to help. "

    so there you go now you know how the pro's do it


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    Re: scenery creation the pro way

    Post by jaydor on Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:57 pm

    Not like painting by numbers then? Laughing Laughing

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