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    JustSim products



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    JustSim products

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:39 am

    I draw your attention to this developer as there has been some rather verbal criticism of their methods and their end products on various sim sites in recent weeks, which i wont go into.
    However I did buy their recent Nice release, especially as it was supposed to amalgamate with the soon to be released (months ago, and still no sign of it) Orbx scenery of the same region. Well Having already had a copy of Nice by aerosoft which I have to say is excellent, even though it is over 4 years old, i bought the just sim version in the hope that as technologies had come on, it would reflect in the quality of the production. In short it does not, the airport appears to have been created by 2 different devs and there is a whole lot that has not been finished, plus the town of Nice is nowhere near as good as the aerosoft version, it appears that the product has been rushed to release.
    So enter their second product , this was announced at much the same time that orbx announced they were going to do it as well as 2 other devs--- Innsbruck!
    It now seems no surprise that just sim released their product weeks ago and there is noone else in sight as they are still working on their versions, however I obtained a copy for review and to be honest I can hardly see any difference from the much earlier aerosoft version that was made years ago, so I was glad that someone else had paid for my review copy.

    It came as no surprise therefore that when it became apparent that several companies were proposing to remake Barcelona , one of them was also Just Sim, and further more it is no surprise that just sim has released their version only after a few weeks, months before the competition, this time I will await the release of all the others currently in development before making a purchase, because from what I can see from their video, there is little or no difference once again from the earlier aerosoft version that i have.

    It is indeed a pity that all the game developers do not belong to some kind of organisation that oversees what people are working on, so it can avoid these conflicts there is no doubt that Justsim have talent, why they choose to copy and steal other peoples thunder seems strange, i am quite sure if they chose an airport no-one else has done they could make a good job of it and avoid the bad press, but without some sort of "control" it is questionable if it would still be profitable for other devs to continue with a product knowing that another dev. has rushed a product to release to gain sales.

    It is perfectly reasonable to expect airports to be updated, after all the real ones are also persistently under work, especially as technology is developed to enhance the scenery, I just feel saddened that it is handled in such a manner, call me old fashioned.
    The same goes for the UK2000 airports , which have been adequate for a long time, it now appears that more and more of these are now going to be targeted, because despite many of them getting regular updates, UK2000 have not been pushing the envelope and keeping up with the advances of technology, which is a shame, consequently IDS have announced a remake of Newcastle, yet once again I can see hardly much of an improvement. The aerosoft Heathrow though was a massive improvement though over the existing UK2000 effort despite many updates so it brings up the question how much detail do we want/need at an airport??? do we really need to see booking lounges with people walking around? do we really need to be able to walk around lounges looking out at your aircraft awaiting passengers to board? For me an airport has always been a nightmare that was best departed from as quickly as possible it appears once again that I am old fashioned!

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