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    Piper Warriors pa28-161 in development



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    Piper Warriors pa28-161 in development

    Post by FlightSimmer17 on Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:24 pm

    Hi all,

    As newly trainee pilot, I am currently doing my traning in a Piper Warroir PA28-161.

    I have noticed that every clubhouse around the world uses the piper warrior as a trainee plane. I have seen that most developers make a cherokee like the A2A or a Cessena 172 but I haven't seen any piper warrior with the same characteristic as the A2A cherokee e.g functionality, checklist, repair shed, etc.

    As I am sure many trainee pilots would appreciate such a plane to use in the P3D environment, when they are not taking real lessons.

    I wanted to ask if anyone might know if this plane is in development for P3D v3 as I feel it would greatly enhance my flight sim experience.

    Cheers FlightSimmer17

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    Re: Piper Warriors pa28-161 in development

    Post by britfrog on Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:58 pm

    in reality i have flown all versions of the cherokee, from the humble 140 through the 160 to the 180 and 236 as well as all models of arrow , and understand the subtle differences between each model.
    In answer to your question, i do not know of any warrior currently being made to a simialr level as the A2A cherokee (which isnt bad , all things considered) there are several warriors around but they all fail to deliver due to flight dynamics integral in FSX where one plane pretty well flies like another, and P3D has done precious little in improving this.
    Carenado make a cherokee 180 and an archer 181 which should look internally like the warrior but only the archer 181 will have the tapered wing of the 161
    I will try to find the warriors tomorrow that are currently available but they will not be very accurate
    i hope this helps

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