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    Stalls and high speed stalls a lesson to try in FSX


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    Stalls and high speed stalls a lesson to try in FSX

    Post by britfrog on Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:52 pm

    When you first learn to fly, lets say in a cessna 150, One of the first exercises you do before going solo is tight turns and stall awareness (in this day of the nanny state they dont like us doing spins anymore)
    when doing a tight turn for the first time you know you have to use the artificial horizon to keep the nose sufficiently above the horizon, so you lift the wing up to make sure you are not going to turn into an aircraft hidden by the wing, and turn and at the same time pull back on the column to tighten the turn. after one or two amateur attempts you are rewarded by going thump, thump through your own turbulence left on the previous revolution achieving this shows that you have not lost altitude and the circle was round (quick pat on back!!)
    After you have mastered this part of the lesson you try stalls, now a stall in most american aircraft is pretty benign,  a non event, in that they do not drop a wing heavily, british aircraft on the other hand will drop a wing and put you in a spiral dive if you are not paying attention, which can and has  for many people, spoiled their day entirely especially if they were on short finals.
    So where do we progress from here????
    well after doing a dozen stalls and learning that you lose maybe 200 feet maybe less if you are quick, you then move onto stalls with the throttle not at idle but at 2300 rpm ie cruise speed.
    so what difference does it make?
    well you pull the nose up as you have in the previous lessons , wait for the bang as the airflow breaks away from the airframe (it really is a bang and the whole airframe shudders)
    but in one fell second the wing has dropped, (normally the left)  the nose fallen earthward , the airspeed is rising toward vne rapidly and you have to sort out the plot by cutting the throttle to arrest the speed increase and at the same time pull the nose up from its earthbound trajectory.
    AND in less time than it took to read that last paragraph you have lost 1000 feet!!!!!!!!!!
    this could prove terminal if you are "dragging " a plane in on short finals and have misjudged your height!!! and use too much throttle to arrest descent. All you would experience is the bang as the airflow breaks away , the sheeeeeeet!! as you try to pick up the wing/get the power off / pull up the nose and bang !!! as the control column enters your chest!!!
    If people are interested , in the next episode i will tell you how to recognise/ avoid /and survive a high speed stall.

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    Re: Stalls and high speed stalls a lesson to try in FSX

    Post by G-GMDH on Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:52 pm

    All very interesting stuff and thanks for sharing your flying experiences and expertise. Better still share a cockpit with me on multi-player and lets have a go!!!!

    Cheers Mike.

    PS I wonder if you can share a cockpit using JoinFS?

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