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    France VFR versus Free italian versus my own photoscenery


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    France VFR versus Free italian versus my own photoscenery

    Post by britfrog on Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:28 pm

    So having downloaded my region of France from the russian site that hosts the free Europe photoscenery I thought I would do a comparison with France vfr whom i have a lot of respect for and my own home made photoscenery. you may need to increase the size of these images to fully appreciate the detail, or not.

    I will start off with France vfr which looks quite faded and in the country very pale green with little contrast it also goes without saying that anything under 3000 feet and it is not very clear all the following photos were taken at 3000 feet

    Now we have the Italian free scenery again not clear below 3000 feet but in my opinion much better than FVFR

    then we have my "cooking " version at 0 in fset

    Then finally 2 HD versions taken at different seasons _2 on fset

    the main difference for me is that my own scenery stays clear down to around 300 feet not 3000 feet but one has to say the free Italian scenery is worth downloading rather than shelling out quite a bit of money as FVFR isnt cheap!!   Hats off to the Italian photoscenery!!

    I have no idea why the propellors are blanked out they were fine in my originals , something to do with IMGUR i guess, go figure!!

    It will be interesting to see other comparisons of other regions with payware!

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