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    Free Eurpean Photoscenery


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    Free Eurpean Photoscenery

    Post by britfrog on Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:21 pm

    As some of you know the nice Italian person who created a free Italy scenery has now done the whole of Europe and it is free to download, some of the images of the eastern block are not as good as other regions , but hey it is free !!!

    follow this link:

    I have downloaded about a third of southern France and a bit of Northern Italy so far it has come to 110 gb's !! but I think it is pretty good , i have used France vfr for years and I think that will now get binned, see what you think:

    this first pic shows france vfr and the stock fsx scenery

    this is the new photoscenery

    france vfr

    a mixture of both

    and just the new photoscenery

    france vfr

    and photscenery

    I have to say though that there are certain scenarios where the France vfr scenery does look better than the photoscenery but there is no doubt the definition of the photoscenery is a higher level than FVFR so you either pays 40 odd euros per area for france VFR  which still has a lot gloing for it or you tie up your internet connection for deveral days and download the whole of Europe for free

    so after 2 days downloading i have this area covered

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    Re: Free Eurpean Photoscenery

    Post by G-GMDH on Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:02 pm

    I have just finished downloading most of Northern France and with my FSET home made now cover it all. Most of the Italian guys scenery is only 2 M per pix resolution but as Nigel says its FREE and with the water mask. By the way he alo offers free autogen for the whole of Europe too. This man deserves a medal in my book. Thanks for posting it again Nigel..................Cheers Mike.


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