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    windows 10 is officially crap


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    windows 10 is officially crap

    Post by britfrog on Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:29 am

    last week having seen that jaydor was a happy bunny with win 10 i decided it would be worth another look, some of you may remember over a year ago win 10 wrote off 3 of my 5 drives and it was only quick action by myself unplugging the p.c. that saved the other 2 drives,
    Well it has taken a year to get back to where i was before that upset, back up is now on a 4TB external disk so what could possibly go wrong???

    earlier this week upgraded win 10 to the new anniversary version everything seemed to work swimmingly i had only put it on my P3D drive so it wasnt mssion critical if I lost P3D which IMHO is not as good visually as FSX especially if you use photoscenery.
    so woke up this morning turned on P.c  and it says there is a problem with a drive that it needs to run chkdsk, ok it immediately became apparent that the drive with a problem was win10/p3d ---shit  3 hours later chkdsk has done its thing deleting extended attribution sets etc whatever they are.

    but the win 10 drive would not boot up , win 10 tells me there is a problem with my drive---NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!! it is your f--ng fault!!

    It has become quite apparent to me that I would rather go into a south East Asian Brothel with no protection and take the girls word that I will be fine, than trust microsoft again  !

    this is now the third and last time that win 10 comes anywhere near my p.c i will now leave p3d in the bin where it belongs and install linux on the drive in preparation for xp11

    Thank you microsoft for another weekend ruined

    if you wake up the p.c. and see this going on pull the plug and disconnect all other drives

    an hour or two later this comes up

    you reboot and it hangs like this

    then this

    I luckily having been a tester for windows since windows 2000 so had a technical telephone number so spent an hour nearly on the phone to them and they acknowledge a problem that I recognised 2 years ago which they know about apparently,
    If you are running win 10 in a p.c which has win 7 or older drives plugged in you must disable fast boot as this takes a "photo" of what your p.c. was running when you shut it down. It puts this "photo" on the MBR of all the hard drives on your p.c. thus corrupting them so the older windows will not boot up (because now the MBR thinks it is win 10) the solution is to disable fast boot in win 10 , but this then causes issues with win 10 looking for a fast boot record in the MBR which M.S. are apparently working on, 2 years later.

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    Re: windows 10 is officially crap

    Post by jaydor on Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:14 pm

    Remeber me telling you that one of my new high speed drive will no longer work. Then it must be the MBR on it that prevents it from working. Thank you MS..

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