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    Barcelona Again? A devs dilemna



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    Barcelona Again? A devs dilemna

    Post by Admin on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:54 am

    A few months ago it became apparent that there were some new airport devs on the block and they seemed to be able to make airports at a far quicker rate than most of the established names. There was lots of head scratching as this company chose to re-make airports that had already been started by other companies . To add fuel to the fire this company managed to get their scenery out before the others therefore stealing their thunder. There were lots of accusations flying around, but in the end it was a storm in a teacup. so at one point we had 3 companies making Innsbruck, and then Barcelona, now we have companies making yet again Lisbon and Madeira.
    I recently obtained for testing the just sim Innsbruck which was ok and not overly priced, then came the Oebx version which is top drawer along with the price, and we await the aerosoft updated version. Barcelona was originally released by aerosoft, then a quite reasonable version by just sim was announced at the same time as a new version by Latin VFR. Lots of name calling and accusations flew around to no avail , so to trump just sim Latin VFR announced their version was going to effectively be the definitive version. Well the proof is in the pudding yesterday The Latin VFR version was released and to be honest although it is in "collaboration" with Sim wings the original creator , (to reduce costs and time??) it is very vin ordinaire and not what we were led to expect, presumable someone down the line has also thought so hence a very low price.
    So all this brings into question was it worthwhile for the devs? Surely it is time for them all to liaise with a central register, so there are no duplications! After all it is hard enough for devs to make ends meet. What with now 3 platforms now being used and several other lesser platforms the flight sim world is at a major cross road and devs need to earn a crust in order to survive whilst they sit and watch what is the next platform they are going to create things for. I am sure with a bit of regulation and self control there is enough work to keep most companies afloat but this recent madness of 3 versions being made of the same airport has got to change as no-one profits from it.

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    Re: Barcelona Again? A devs dilemna

    Post by jaydor on Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:38 pm

    Glad I have gone over to X-Plane where lots of airports are free and to a good standard.  Also hats off to the new fastest kid on the block as he is covering X-Plane as well as FSX/3D.  Most FSX developers are not to keen to go X-Plane as most US and quite a few European airports are covered to a good standard out of the box with XP11.  Hence no monies for them.  A lot of the FSX developers are going to find hard times ahead as they have been used to charging high prices for their work that is not found on the XP platform.  FSX/3D average $40 compared the XP @ $25, that's why they are not porting over.  So does greed prevail?  I think a lot are pinning their hopes on P3Deadinthewater going 64bit and hoping their products will work in there.  Don't think they will somehow..

    Take a look at this free release this week for XP and compare the screenshots to what some charge a high price for in FSX:

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    Re: Barcelona Again? A devs dilemna

    Post by britfrog on Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:52 pm

    well next pay day I am certainly getting x plane 11, as their product works well now, it isnt perfect , that is clear, but it is at least a year if not 18 months ahead of whatever LM come out with, and it is also constantly under development
    X=Plane for me has several advantages over fsx and whatever LM will release
    !) the flight dynamics are better
    2) scenery and objects are always in focus regardless of the distance
    3) there is a huge amount of good quality freeware available (brings back memories of fs9)
    4) the night time environment and graphics are years ahead of anything else
    5) the aircraft visually look more realistic externally and are not flat as in fsx plus the shine and finish is better
    6) Ai Aircraft look and act much more realistically

    and i dare say there are more things than just this

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    Re: Barcelona Again? A devs dilemna

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