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    Flight sim world unlikely to be a success



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    Flight sim world unlikely to be a success

    Post by Admin on Mon May 08, 2017 9:16 am

    In the light of recent public letters by Captain RR of PMDG and others it has been made apparent that people wanting to market their products for FSW must not only allow them to be sold through steam where they lose 35% , but also through DTG where they could lose 30% and if they do not agree to this then they will not be allowed to produce for the sim!!! Does this start to ring bells? Remember FS Flight??? that also died because M.S> iinsisted that devs sell through their site only , Ok the sim was naff as well, but it was what M.S. always called it ---- A GAME!! not a simulation, and guess what ? DTD is referring to flight sim world as a "GAME " not a simulation , they also currently have no plans for large airliners (again shades of Flight) So DTG decided to make an early announcement to take the thunder from LM at the up and coming flight sim convention in the US.
    All of the current work on FSW has been made possible from the success of their Train Simulation did you notice that second word,, simulator? however there is no doubt that this is make or break time for DTG and thecurrent prospects are not good.

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    Re: Flight sim world unlikely to be a success

    Post by ddavid on Mon May 08, 2017 11:25 am

    Can I add:
    1. FSW = P3D only different. Remember both are based on FSX, which is 11 years old and based, in turn on FS9, FS2002, and so on.
    2. FSW is an opportunity to re-brand - and along with that goes a whole raft of 'updated' versions of what we've been flying with for the last 20 years.
    3. FSW won't have rotorcraft to begin with. Unless DTG re-write the FSX flight engine to produce better helicopter FDE - maybe along the lines of XP or FlightGear.
    4. I fear that we'll be left with the same old, same old... Unless - wait for it - DTG follow the DCS route and enable individual dev-based aircraft models with their own, unique FDE, like Belsimtek, Polychop, etc do for their helicopters.
    And, yes, I remember Flight - it was pretty but not a sim - and there weren't any bl**dy helicopters, either! (Do you have a thing about helicopters, Dai? - Ed)
    Nuff said - Dai. farao

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    Re: Flight sim world unlikely to be a success

    Post by jaydor on Mon May 08, 2017 11:32 am

    As soon as I read that all sales are through DTG, then I knew the kiss of death had been added even before it was born..

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    Re: Flight sim world unlikely to be a success

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