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    VAS a thing of the past in v4


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    VAS a thing of the past in v4

    Post by jaydor on Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:40 pm

    So don't even think about it,

    64 bits gives you 16 exabytes of addressable memory. 1 exabyte is 1,000,000,000 gigabytes. So you think scenery and aircraft add-ons will be able to consume 16 BILLION gigabytes of VAS, even if only rarely? "Never" would be an understatement here. We'd run out of any form of storage and memory to back that much virtual address space well before exhausting even a tiny fraction of available VAS.

    As a community, we need to realize that with a 64-bit platform, we simply need to stop talking about and thinking about VAS. It is entirely irrelevant now, and any discussion of it is, almost by definition, meaningless.

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